100 WC 14 June, 2019 – Hollie

I walked out of the house and downtown to Barks Cafe. I put my headphones on and started to listen to some music. I walked into the cafe and took a seat at a table and ordered a glass of water.  I overheard someone behind me say “this does not look like water”. When I looked at mine it looked just like a normal glass of water. Well I’m going to go on a run anyway, I’ll order a hot chocolate to take away. As I head down to the park I see something in the distance, “what is it?”

100WC 6 June 2019 – Hollie & Tyler

I walked through the door and saw a hat on the the table. I asked why was that hat on the table? It was not there before. When did it get there? Why is it there? I walked up stairs to go take a shower, to clear some thoughts out of my head. I got out of the shower and went to get dressed. I walked back down stairs and the hat disappeared I said “that is so strange”. So I walked to the kitchen to get something to eat. Then I heard a bang up stairs. What was that?

100WC 4 June, 2019 – Frankie

My family just moved into a new house
next to the bakery on Candbrid Corner. It
is a black old house about 1000 years old.
We entered the house and looked around,
I found an old table with an old brown
HAT. I said to my Dad “look, why was that
hat on the table?” I slowly turned around,
a movement came from the hat, it looked
like a rat or a mouse. I lifted up the hat, a
mouse and a rat were under it, But
surprise, surprise, surprise! There was more than
just them, there were also baby rodents.

100WC 9 May, 2019 – Hollie

It’s Monday morning and it is breakfast time, “mmm bacon and eggs, yum”. I hear the salt sprinkle out of the brown salt shaker. My Mum puts my bacon and eggs on the table with toast and melted butter. I see the greasy egg slide round my plate, thinking about how I have to write a one hundred word challenge today. I look out the tall  kitchen window and I see something extraordinary, I see a pink giraffe . “Wow this is such a good day, in my story I better say this. Aww but no one would believe me anyway”.